Our commission includes the following services.

Advertising: Your sale is listed on numerous websites with pictures showcasing the items for sale, usually two weeks in advance of the sale. These include but are not limited to estate, dot org, dot net,, Facebook for Platinum, and boosting on Facebook. Along with local newspaper ads listing the times and date of sale, professional signage at high traffic areas and in the home.Specific items such as Pianos, Mid Century Furnishings, rare and/ or Unique Art, etc., can be listed on specialty sites. We send out approximately 3500 emails in advance of the sale to our vast customer buying base, including my private buyer list.

Commission Structure: Is based on quality, quantity, location and the condition of the home.

Insurance: My business is fully insured, licensed and bonded.

Staging the home, preparing the sale: This is where we showcase your items and stage all items for sale. We bring in adjustable height tables, then skirt and cover the tables for a professional presentation. We remove all items from cabinets, cupboards, closets, then place like items together and color coordinate for ease of shopping. We often bring in clothing racks to properly hang clothing and linens. Better sheets or blankets are wrapped in a ribbon with a price tag showing the price, and size of the item. We will often rearrange furnishings for line of sight view when a shopper walks in. We also clean, sweep, vacuum and/ or dust all items for sale. No area of the home is overlooked, including, basements, sheds, and attics.

Selling the items: All items are professionally priced. The price tag may include size maker and other important information. Bulk items such as clothing, linens, etc. will have strategically placed signs by the items. We have 2 to 3 checkout areas for the customer’s convenience and supply wrapping items along with bags to secure their treasures.

Appraisal: I am a certified appraiser, therefore my services and vast knowledge are included. Your treasures will be priced with fair market valuation, based on current market trends.

Payment from customers: We use a wireless credit card terminal which greatly enhances purchasing. We DO NOT accept checks.

Payment to you from Platinum Estate Sales of Distinction, LLC: You are paid within 2 to 5 business days of the sales end, allowing time to count the receipts and for credit cards to clear the bank. You are given a receipt for all items sold. We use a 3 part receipt book, one for you, one for the customer and one for my records.

Securing your Property: We allow ingress and egress at one area only and have a person checking receipts at the exit. We will seal off a room for any items you do not wish to sell and will block exits with furniture placement if necessary. Staffing the sale. We use a professional sales person and strive for a pleasant shopping experience for our customers. The size of the staff is contingent upon the Estate.

Our commission structure DOES NOT Include the following:

Clean Out/ Buy Out: Although this is not included it is available to you. The cost would be determined when the sale is completed. Our fees are fair and reasonable. We will remove all items, donate what we can, and leave your home in a clean respectable broom swept condition.

Furniture Moving: We do not move furniture for customers, but, do keep a list of movers if required. There are certain items we may find more difficult to sell due to their size, I will often offer free moving to entice the sale of such.